Wednesday, October 26, 2011

TrekStor eBook Reader 3.0 (eBR30-a) #1

The TrekStor eBook Reader 3.0 (eBR30-a) is described in details here and there. Fimware image can be found on the official website.

$ wget 
$ file firmware_eBook-Reader_3-0_v-eBR30_CP_1.0.4_20111216.exe 
firmware_eBook-Reader_3-0_v-eBR30_CP_1.0.4_20111216.exe: PE32 executable (GUI) Intel 80386, for MS Windows
$ wine firmware_eBook-Reader_3-0_v-eBR30_CP_1.0.4_20111216.exe
$ cd firmware_eBook-Reader_3-0_v-eBR30_CP_1.0.4_20111216/
$ file eBR30_CP_1.0.4_20111216.img 
eBR30_CP_1.0.4_20111216.img: data


  1. I bought this eBook reader today, and I've found now that there is a rebranded version called Prestigio PER3172B and you can download the firmware of the Prestigio for enable Tresktor to play a videos ;D

    if you want to talk about this "hack" my mail is dicarlo.fabrizio [at]

  2. I bought it also ( It's a great news,
    playing videos :) Is there the french langage in please ?

  3. can you place the firmware here please

  4. Follow link:

    Question I have:
    How to reset if Firmwareflash failed and Hardreset does not work?

  5. can anyone help me in this as i am stuck .

    after downloading the prestigio firmware, when i try to flash it , it gives the message "no device that need to update" although i have mine connected

    the instructions for updating flash are in very bad English .

  6. Hi, does anyone has firmware file for prestigio reader? I can't find it anymore. Thx

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  8. Hi everyone.

    I am from Brazil and I am writing to ask some advice, in case you guys can help me.

    My mother got a TrekStor eBook Reader 3.0 Model No: EBR30-a as a gift from her German friend.
    Then she gave it to me. I have two sons and I thought I could enable it to play videos, so I downloaded the firmware of Prestigio and tried to "hack" it. I followed the instructions from the helper on a page I found, but I did a "stupid" thing: I downloaded the firmware in the device memory, not in the computer. So when I tried to "update/change" it stop working. I can't turn it on anymore, it shows it is recharging, the light becomes on when it is connected, but it doesnt respond when I try to turn it on.

    Do you have any idea how I can make it works again? It doesnt matter if it will play videos or not, it is just sad that we can't use it anymore.

    Thank you.

  9. By the way, my email is challonmar @