Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Aluratek AIRMM02F & Zalip MAA502AM

These radios are made by Amit under the name MAA502AM (WiFi Internet Melody Station).

Aluratek AIRMM02F

Zalip MAA502AM

In fact, Zalip is a brand which belongs to Amit. In AMIT marks first appearance with ZALIP brand:

Originally operating as an OEM, the firm now markets it own product line.

“Two years ago we decided that we could promote our products better if we offered them through our own brand,” says Mark Shu, Sales Manager, AMIT.

“In order to achieve this we developed the ZALIP brand. This allows us to position our products correctly, emphasising the quality that we are able to achieve at a low price point,” claims AMIT’s Shu.


  1. interesting... it does appear as AMIT on a wifi scanner:P)

  2. So, nobody knows how to get inside this then? I'd love to be able to pick up my own local shoutcast broadcast with it, but there doesn't seem to be any way of doing anything like a 'sharkfin' on it, like you can with the bt internet radio. No telnet? No ssh? Anything? Anybody?