Monday, February 21, 2011

Pure Siesta Flow #17

I've coded a small program to display the information found in the header of Pure firmware files. The sources are available in my github repository.

And here's what it displays for the Siesta Flow firmware version 1.6:

$ pure Siesta_Flow_v1.6.dfu
Firmware file size : 3906160 bytes

         NAME       OFFSET        LENGTH
[0x00]   NVS1   0x00001080        266112
[0x10]   LDRS   0x00042000        148896
[0x20]   LDLK   0x00066620          9184
[0x30]   LDLZ   0x00068AC0        527070
[0x40]   LKGZ   0x000E9730        657523
[0x50]   SQFS   0x0018A110       2560000
[0x60]   FREE   0x003FB110        151280

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